The Thirteenth Floor

An excellent movie where programmers create a virtual reality computer simulation as real as the RealWorld.

"Question reality. You can go there even though it doesn't exist."

There are plenty of buildings which leave this number out, annoying me to no end. Superstition has no place in the twenty-first century. -- DanielKnapp

Indeed. It's bad luck to be superstitious.

An arrogant opinion followed by a well put answer. ThankYou.

[...followed by an equally arrogant put-down. You betcha. Exactly what is the place for superstition in the 21st century?]

There is at least one hotel in Atlanta GA, USA that has a 13th floor. And a room 1313. I plan to stay in that room someday. --PeteHardie
This movie is a perfect example of what happens when you pop an empty stack.

Your program counter points to the middle of data?

Each floor a parallel instance of a plane of living, as it were, alternates of the other floors, having some sameness and much uniqueness. I prefer TheSeventhFloor?, I don't know why!

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