Thought Shower

Quite possibly, a more accurate term for BrainStorm; however, it may imply a sort of muse-like situation (i.e. an artist gets a sudden inspirational urge and acts upon it). -- Anon

During a storm there is little or no chance for any kind of control, or any chance for saving much of what happens. So BrainStorm implies a chaotic situation.

With a ThoughtShower, thoughts are streaming steady and fast. One is aware of each thought, and can at least verbalize it to another. One is in the groove, so to speak. It is a very good idea to have another team member(s) handy to write down these ideas as one verbally describes them. Later, when the shower has ended, or at least turned into a ThoughtDrizzle?, the individual and team can use their ThoughtShower notes to see if any of the ideas generated are valid for further investigation.

This approach should be encouraged, and gifted members should be sought out to help with situations where a project has come to a standstill. -- WikiWit

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