Three Letter Agencies

ThreeLetterAgencies can be further contracted to the ThreeLetterAcronym TLA, which of course may stand for either ThreeLetterAgencies or ThreeLetterAcronym. surely abbrieviation, most are not acronyms

US spook ThreeLetterAgencies:

Non-US spook ThreeLetterAgencies:

Questionable if spook: Are there any spook agencies with fewer or more letters in their name?

In the film version of My Favorite Martian, SETI was portrayed as a spook US government agency, complete with jack-booted machine-gun-waving MenInBlack?, and Wallace Shawn as a pre-eminent government scientist. (Inconceiveable!)

Are numbers allowed?
A misinformed person (me) asked: "I don't know much Hebrew, but wouldn't MOSSAD be spelled with three letters? (Since vowels are optional)"

Surprisingly (to me, as I know enough hebrew to read it, but basically zero vocabulary), Mossad (usually used as haMossad, or 'the Mossad') is actually four letters. While it is true that 'vowels are optional' in the general case, both the 'oh' and 'oo' vowels are a special case. Each has two forms; one form which, like other vowels, is optional; and another form which is based on the letter vav (pronounced 'v', of course), adorned with a dot. Mossad, then, uses this second form of the 'oh' sound, so it is written (without vowels) mem-vav-samech-dalet. For more on the Mossad, including where I found this out (from their logo), see For the hebrew alphabet, so you have some idea what I'm talking about, see Also... if the Mossad isn't a TLA, does that make them spookier or less spooky than the others? -- AdamBerger (Thank you Adam!)

I'll soon RefactorByCondensingQuestionAnswerPair. A picture of the Mossad Logo, indeed showing 4 letters: You're looking at the second line from the bottom. Remember, Hebrew is read right to left. The first letter is the 'h' of hamossad; after that, you see mvsd.

ExtendedThreeLetterAgencies? or perhaps Suffixed or Prefixed TLAs:

And now, some non-spook TLAs:

Now you know why your taxes are so high (AmericanCulturalAssumption, but applicable to any modern democracy). Ironically, US taxes are very low when compared to other 'western' nations :)

WHO is part of the UN ne c'est pas? Let's have some non-US TLAs!

Some criminal Indian TLAs

Forgot the very famous Pakistani agency here

Where I work - DavidGrayWright

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