Too Powerful For Its Own Good

If something is so advanced or complex that it is great but cannot be mastered by any average human any more.

Example: LispLanguage, most of TheMostComplexWhichCanBeMadeToWork

See also LibraryAndPrimitivesBlurring, PowerfulTechniquesAreRisky

Compare with OneSizeFitsAll (where the something is often simple enough to be understood but not complex enough to fulfill all needs)
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Lisp is but one example. This is a more general problem.

Problem is not defined. Lisp is not an example of anything unless you weaken the claim, as fair number of programers claim to use Lisp, including some the the best on the planet, so perhaps TooPowerfulForMyOwnGood? is a better starting point. -- Simple is as Simple does.

Okay, let's see if we can list general patterns or principles of the claims floating around:

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