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The rules are very simple. Sit at a PairStation, with a chess timer between you. Select a player to go first.

The player before the player to go first surfs a browser to WikiPedia and selects any topic page.

The first player must then start her or his timer, and surf to a page that links to a page with any of these over-represented topics:

When the player reaches a page with a link to any of those pages, they stop their timer, and the next player must navigate to the next element in the list. The player with the shortest playing time (hence the least clicks and searches) wins.

These rules imply a player can impede the next player by landing on a page closely related to their target, but distantly related to the next target.

The following links are out-of-bounds:

Alternate rules:

Players draw from a deck of Trivial Pursuit questions, read the answers, and navigate to a page declaring the answer.

See also: RulesOfGeelf

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