Transaction Processing Concepts And Techniques

Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques ISBN 1558601902

A very interesting, comprehensive, and approachable book about transaction processing. This book covers transactions from very low to very high levels of abstraction. The ideas presented are clever and make sense. Things aren't black and white, they are nicely varied with alternatives presented all the way through. The variety gives the feeling of filling up your toolbox with diverse tools for diverse jobs, so you're not just "learning how your database does it". I get that "ahh, that's really clever" feeling often while reading this book.

That being said, it's the only TP book I've read, so I'm not sure if there are better. Transaction Processing was enjoyable enough for me that I started reading database source-code in my spare time, and it's suitable for people without TP experience. I think it's well worth the hefty USD85 price tag. --LukeGorrie

Some pages are available here for free browsing.


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