Unsuccessful Means Of Communication

Means employed:

A misrepresentation of truth and a failure to communicate.

Categorization and negative labels
To categorize and label something as unworthy of consideration and of no value has the effect of causing a failure to communicate because it leads to alienation, separation and cessation of communication.

Refusing to consider another's position
To become satisfied the correctness of ones position even though contrary evidence is presented which might cause a reasonable and thoughtful person to reconsider.

Putting on Blinders:
I am right and you are wrong
Don't bother me with such nonsense

It is difficult to make progress in a dialog if one is to utilizing such devices.

Dialog is such an important tool in KnowledgeProliferation, and the Employment of DialoguePractices can be helpful in promoting thoughtful, accurate, and conclusive Dialog.

What turned you off in a dialog you were having, here are some samples, add your own:
 (try to use ones you have seen or encountered - on this wiki)

Implication of ineptitude: "just doesn't make sense" "is silly" "Why is this distinction important anyway?" "But we've always done it that way"

Any time religion is brought up "God says so." "The Bible says..." "Your just listening to those cult people..." "You must be saying that because you hate Jesus..."

A scientist dismissing the 'paranormal': "Looking for evidence is a waste of time [because] there's no mechanism to explain it"

When discussing something other than maths, logic or "real" science: "It has been proven beyond all doubt that..." "It must be self-evident to every sane person that..." etc. "You will never be able to persuade me that ..."

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