Using Python Dont Need Ruby

Contrast: UsingRubyDontNeedPython

I use both. Both are better for some things than the other. Why make it a black-and-white decision?

No one's forcing it to be a black and white decision. The page just lists folks who have come to this conclusion for their current work.

More specifically, WikiWords around here (for good reason) tend towards short & pithy rather than LongAndPedanticallyCorrect?. (^_~) Don't take the title of any page too seriously. -- RobertFisher

I don't understand the point of this page. Of course some people will find one a better fit for their work than the other. Currently I'm decorating my guest bedroom. I not using Python or Ruby for that work. Shall I create a page about that?

Sure, go ahead. OffTopicIsOkay. :-)


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