Warning Signs Of Corporate Doom

Warning signs that the company you just joined is in serious trouble. (Besides the AlarmBellPhrases.)

Note that general and lasting incompetence goes under YouKnowYoureInaBleepedCompanyWhen.

Sorted by how serious the warning is:
  1. Possible problem, probably nothing
  2. Keep your eyes and ears open
  3. Update your resume
  4. Start looking for job
  5. All hands abandon ship

These types of problems are noted: Not yet rated

Level 1: Possible problem, probably nothing: Level 2: Keep your eyes and ears open: Between Levels 2 and 3 Level 3: Update your resume: Between Levels 2 and 4 Between Levels 3 and 4 Level 4: Start looking for job: Level 5: All hands abandon ship: See also AlarmBellPhrase, MbaKillsCompany
This topic is updated more frequently during recessions. Imagine that.
Lisa: "Where's the equipment we ordered?"

Bob: "It's not coming. The budget was cut."

Lisa: "Why didn't you tell us that earlier so we could plan around it?"

Bob: "Well, there's no money to pay somebody to send out messages about there being no money."
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