White Box Framework

What is a "white-box framework," as MartinLippert describes the JwamFramework on RefactoringWithaFramework?

See also BlackBoxFramework.

"White Box"? Are you saying that you can see the framework code, but are not allowed to change it? (See WhiteBoxTesting.) -- jtg

I am talking about framework code you can see (you have the source code or the JavaDoc, for example). The main point here is that white-box frameworks are mainly used by inheritance. White-box testing does not completely mean the same thing. White-box testing need to see the code, white-box frameworking need to know what to override. --MartinLippert

I haven't seen many frameworks that give you alternatives. Typically frameworks, like MicroSoft's MFC or ActiveTemplateLibrary (ATL) support "the one true way" of doing things, and no other. [See below for "framework" vs "white box" terminology.] Maybe the JwamFramework is unusual (and good?). -- jtg

I've been thinking about the terminology: In my mind... It sounds like what you're calling "white box" is what I'd call "framework." And what you call "framework" is what I'd call "reusable code" -- which could be "framework" or "library." -- JeffGrigg

The most important part of a framework is to abstract the common processes of how things work so that each and every application doesn't need to reinvent the wheel. A good framework is minimal and it does only its job and does not try to be everything to everyone. A good framework allows installable strategies. You should be able to completely reimplement a framework without impacting existing code. --AnonymousDonor

Yes, I agree completely. Thanks for this clarification. I've never thought of something else as being a framework. And this is exactly the base for my investigation. How does the usage of a framework affect application refactorings? --MartinLippert

Being open to viewing the "guts" and the nesting of the framework/library are generally orthogonal traits. Frameworks tend to control the "main" routine while libraries let the developer do that. That's a matter of code organization, not access levels to the internals. Either can be "locked up" or open-source. --top


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