Why We Hate Ruby

or PettyLittleRubyComplaints ...just following the WhyWeHate pattern.

Nobody really hates RubyLanguage...right? ...but only a close relationship exits as this reaction indicated.

	look.ma no.parentheses!
	excited.weenies.every do |weenie|
	look.ma no.parentheses.and.no.pipes!
	excited.weenies.every do with weenie
        // examples damaged by TabMunging
Lisp, SmallTalk, JavaScript, and Perl walked into a bar and had an orgy near Fukishima, giving birth to a 30-pound bi-gender baby named Ruby.
If Ruby docs frustrate the daylights out of you, as they do me, you might find my Ruby API Guide (http://mysite.verizon.net/hpassel/rubyguide/) helpful. Even though it has a ways to go, I find myself referring to it all the time. It's helping me a lot. -- ElizabethWiethoff

It suffer some of the pitfalls of Lisp, as described in GreatLispWar.
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