Wiki Active Desktop

Much of the power of Unix stems from its ubiquitous hierarchically structured file system. We think that a wiki would enable a much more powerful metaphor.

Since a full-blown WikiOs is still some way in the future :-), a WikiActiveDesktop might be a feasible first step. UweFranke already has a first version of this running on his notebook, a local TWiki on Windows set as the Active Desktop background. It looks pretty convenient (and cool, of course!).

The next step may be integrating MicrosoftWord and MicrosoftExcel documents and other content into the wiki pages, and adding some BellsAndWhistles?. And after that, who knows?! Ideas welcome.


Nice thought, having a WikiOs ,-).

I have been tinkering with the same thought that collaborative development, documentation and discussions would greatly benefit from a WikiStyle approach. Yet, the requirements are immense, as we would have to redefine how applications currently work and how data is being treated in these applications. We would also have to re-invent the wheel of a document description and markup language that would suit the needs of such a collaboration tool.

And not only that, all information in that kind of Wiki must be revision-controlled and version-controlled, including so-called meta data.

Given enough developers and afront designers and architects, I think that some kind of WikiOs can actually come true.


Contributors: RalfMueller, UweFranke, FalkBruegmann


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