Wiki As Intranet

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WikiWiki seems to be ideal for corporate Intranets... What are your experiences? If you had similar experiences, edit the page and add your vote.

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  1. no simple layout: Before trying it, they wanted to make sure that wikis allow background images, a fancy navigation bar, and an editable product list in a side bar.
  2. oops, wrong culture: The organisational culture needs to be one of information sharing. In an XP environment I am sure a wiki would thrive, elsewhere it may starve. My experience was that people tried it once but it did not change the way they work. I now use a personal wiki.
  3. the hundredth monkey: In my experience, (not XP environment) the use rose exponentially when there was enough contributions and contributors.

Wiki as part of the intranet. Works here. Infected the R&D dept, then the IT dept.

Examplary implementations

Orbis Technology TwikiClone made it to top ten rated IntraNet for 2004. See

I would imagine that corporate wikis would work best in smaller environments. Does anyone have any experience with a large organization like a University or government?


What about recursive links and InfiniteLinking? capabilities?

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