Wiki Blackmail Note

You know the sort of thing. Every word is cut out from a different newspaper or magazine and stuck together on a dirty piece of paper to spell out a dastardly message. We cut out WikiNames of course. Otherwise it's the same. The most menacing sentence wins - without threatening RealNamesPlease. Creating new WikiNames to complete your sentence means a lifetime ban from the competition and having to pay monthly in a brown envelope to the winner.

AKA Ransom Note
Here's an example message that isn't very menacing but prompted these idle thoughts during a bit of recent StuckNess.

PoemWiki? LikeThis SimplestThing ToTry? RhymeMe WikiName JustLikeThis?. -- WikiThicky
BewareOfExceptionsInTheDestructor, BrutalProgramming, ParkingLotTherapy & MindWipe ... -- MasterButcher

WeWillTry AndStuffWiki DownAndOut BeyondProgramming -- RootOfAllEvil

Or just YourMoneyOrYourLife?

AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs OnceAndOnlyOnce. YouArentGonnaNeedIt.
UnitTestingErrors? DidntGetMuchSleep? DontPanic. FirstThingsFirst, EatBreakfast. ThingsWeAllAgreeOn: UseYourCommonSense - IfItAintBrokeDontFixIt, LetItBe. TakeYourTime. YourBadExperienceDoesntMakeItEvil. GetTheRightAbstraction, DoItRightThisTime, GetOverIt. ThereforeThen JustGoHome.

Sorry, I'm just not very good at being threatening.
Kind of sounds like BlackPerl.

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