Wiki Browser

A client program, like (or completely unlike) a WebBrowser, with extra features to support Wiki-specific doings.

EmacsWiki mode would qualify to some people.

VoodooPad can act as a browser to any wikis that support their vpwikispec.

There was a rumor at some point that TinderBox might add WikiBrowser features.

Obviously, simple clean interface.

Bookmarks to your favorite wiki places. Programming idea: AutomaticBookmarkWiki

Two fields where a Web browser has one for a Web address. First field you enter a wiki's name. Second field you enter a WikiName for that wiki. History and bookmark menus for each?

If you want, two panes in the content area of a window, one configurable to any understood MeatBall:IndexingScheme. Optionally in the toolbar is a search text box (you can always tab among these boxes of course), next to an editable menu of all the wikis you've visited (default selection is the wiki of the active window, the search will be in whatever wiki is selected).

Excellent versioning system for everything you've written and read if you want, on your hard drive (reduces temptation to put it all on the wiki).

Some/all of this could go in a local wiki, which could be made available to the Net or not, and ideally synced with a PersonalDigitalAssistant.

A basket or cart for WikiLinks which you see on the page you are reading, which intrigue you, but are not strictly germane to your reading objective at this time. That is, distractions you want to avoid for the moment, but not entirely. See for an interesting implementation.

See also TabbedBrowsing.

Some kind of history for the session (cached for some set time or disk usage).

Though most browsers already have a history or cache of visited pages in memory for some time, the 'one-dimentional' way of browsing through these stored pages might prove to be insufficient for browsing a wiki. There's a browser that reuses the InternetExplorer component and builds a tree-view with the trail through the pages you visit (PageTrail) here: -- StijnSanders

Regarding autmating interchange among wikis with different formats, don't think you have to solve that first. Start with support for whatever wiki you're starting with, then the original WikiWikiWeb, and work your way down the list of the WikiClones. Or contribute to the development of a WikiInterchangeFormat and/or code that makes it easy enough (see that most projects add compatibility themselves.

Is there anybody here who would like to have an HtaWikiBrowser as an HtmlApplication being sketched? (I'm currently using a very simple prototype, consisting of a commandline and an IFrame, realized within IE5.5.) -- FridemarPache

''Yes, Fridemar, I'd like to be able to tell the browser that I'm browsing a wiki; and have the back arrow and history cleaned up from view/edit/view/edit/RecentChanges/edit/view/Top10/RecentChanges etc. to something useful!

Switches to turn live links and AutoSpellCheckUnderline? on and off.

By the way, MozillaBrowser has MultipleUndo?.

How hard would it be to adapt the GoogleBar code to do lots of wiki browser tricks?

What license is it under? -- Lazy one

Anyone visualized the ChainOfThoughts wiki browser? Here just in case:

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