Wiki Engine Review Rhk Objectives

My (rhkramer's) Wiki Objectives

These are the reasons I want to choose / use / obtain a WikiEngine (or WikiForum).

My criteria for choosing a wiki are on WikiEngineReviewRhkCriteria.

I am looking for wikis: I notice WardsWiki has many pages on C++ that look helpful. I may just contribute to their Wiki pages, although I don't know if they want to cover what I want to cover. I am trying to learn (C and) C++ -- I want a Wiki to record my learnings in a way that will help the newbie, something like the few Linux pages I put on the CLUG. See -- rhk

I also have some strange thoughts about trying to program or document programs using a Wiki (or at least something with hypertext links). Looks like Ward has already done this with his HyperPerl, see http:wikibase?HyperPerl.

You might want to take a look at -- RolandKaufmann

(A year ago I wrote a large program in Visual Basic in a "semi-literate" (ala Donald Knuth) style using Microsoft Word. When I wanted to run the program I saved it as plain text and renamed it with the appropriate VB extension. One advantage was that, in Word I could write extensive comments which were obvious and visible because they "wrapped". When I worked in the VB debugger the comments were less obtrusive because they did not wrap, they just extended to the right (to infinity ;-). (And, they were in a different color.))

Since I am a Linux newbie, I want to initially run my own wiki on a farm (or continue to use AskSam) until I manage to set up a wiki on my own machine. One criteria is that it be simple to set up.

There are more experienced people in the LVLUG, which means they can handle a more complicated wiki if it has advantages.

For the other public wikis, I expect to use a WikiFarm, because I don't have the resources to maintain my own server on the Web. (Unless I find appropriate sponsors / hosts -- SourceForge would be a clear candidate.)

It would be ideal if one WikiEngine met all these needs.

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