Wiki Engine Review Wiki Lists

Starting a list for use with the WikiEngineReview of all WikiEngines, WikiFarms, and WikiForums (and the WikiEngine they use) that I can find.

I will start with any lists I can find, which include: --gone to read--

My intent is to maintain the lists in alphabetic order.

The reason is that I am overwhelmed with WikiEngines.


Non-public Wikis, but still worth discussion Still in development.

Inactive or unreachable (as of October 1999)

Of interest to me is how each of these wikis stores its pages. I like having the pages in plain text so that I can port between wikis if need be (I like trying different wikis :-). Is it worth attempting to produce a list of wikis whose pages can be exchanged between them? -- ChanningWalton

See WikiFarms, WikiForums, OneBigWiki

''Is a WikiFarm? There are a bunch of wikis there, but only the administrator can set up a new one. (Aside: It uses WikiWorks 0.6)''

See VisualWorksWiki


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