Wiki Name Modifiers

Hmm, these are related to common refactorings...

Hey - I see a pattern here. Suffixes good, prefixes bad.

Hey, instead of the "Discussion" suffix, we should call it Talk. It gets rid of LongTitlesSmell.

Try searching on Talk. There are some pages ending talk, but far more Smalltalk!! (search is not case sensitive)

Hmmm, true.

In the spirit of DontMakePartTwo, consider not creating '___Discussion' or '___Not' pages. Instead, use ThereforeBut to prevent DocumentMode pages from becoming ThreadMode.

And if you must split a page, please read and consider SplitByTopicNotByOpinion.

(EditHint: does this page make ArgueAgreeIdiom obsolete?)

See ChoosingWikiNames

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