Wiki Rapture

Elation resulting from the discovery and use of the WikiWikiWeb.

WikiRapture is sometimes followed by a period in which the sufferer has learned the basic Wiki mechanics but not yet mastered the WikiSocialNorms and grokked WikiNature. Symptoms include: The only known cure for sufferers of WikiRapture is to SlowDownToSpeedUp. Sit back for a while and observe how the WikiCommunity behaves.

Many victims of WikiRapture become valued WikiZens. Others have gone on to populate wikis closer to their temperament and interests.

Another word on SlowDownToSpeedUp: recipients of WikiRapture would do well to consider that many of their ideas and inspirations have already been thoroughly mulled over, perhaps years ago, and those discussions can be found somewhere in this unruly garden. AdviceToNewcomers is that they would do well to PostLessReadMore?, so that this initial enthusiasm can temper into wisdom.

What's wrong with redundancy? We have discussed that at length see OnceAndOnlyOnce. You can learn a lot by writing the same things over and over. You can probably find this line somewhere on the net, many times. And writing the same things over and over can help you learn a lot, so redundancy's not all bad. And as for redundancy, well you can learn a lot by writing the same things over and over. Plus, redundancy's not necessarily a bad thing, because writing the same things over and over is not necessarily repetition of the same things over and over, which I'm sure teaches us something, if not necessarily a lot. We have a page for this too: RepetitionIsTheKeyToLearning

Is there such a thing as a WikiTribulation??

See WikiSmell


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