Wiki With More Than Users

A wiki can be more than a wiki with wikizens -- ThinkingOutLoud DonaldNoyes 20050728

A wiki implementation that incorporates functionality increasing usefulness. (This is meant to apply only to a special class of wikis and is not a suggestion for this wiki.)

A wiki in this new class of wikis should allow for interaction of not only users, but also that of other validated processes.

In this way the potential and value of every page will be raised. It would include a new PageClass. These would be pages which have been authored to be accessible by processes as well as users. Control of access would be via a server which has enabled multiple page serving mechanisms. A PageClass would exist where other than user access is not allowed (UserOnly served via HTML pages to Internet browsers). Interactions between the server and external processes could be speeded by the serving via zipped files of the accessible data. This would enable the construction of the future WikiElevator.

This is only one class of pages which would result in additional functionality, making a WikiWithMoreThanUsers.

-- DonaldNoyes

I think what you want is a PeerToPeer network then, which allows more entry points for other processes to act on the WikiWeb.

Seems like the WikiWikiWeb already falls into that category. Wiki pages are already simple enough that a number of scripts(/processes) extract information from them. (See MoreAboutExtraScripts.) The scripts don't have to be hosted locally, either; see AutoPcn?.

Could you give an example of what you propose? The only difference I can see between the WikiWikiWeb and a WikiWithMoreThanUsers is that the latter has a form of AccessControl?.
It would have normal access abilities with or without sign-ins and passwords at the Wiki's preference, but would also provide access to pages to agents as packed or zipped files containing all of the pages in a given Information space or Category. Access control would not be essential (but would probably be preferred by some wikis) to the success of this class of wikis.

Besides serving pages, WikiWithMoreThanUsers would have features available due to additional tasks performed upon the information represented by its pages and programmed analysis of its pages and the mental processes and methods employed by the user or authors of the page. The results of a whole range of statistics and information about the wiki would be made permanently available. It would be a NextGenerationWiki and would not require the creation of user scripts or plug-ins to the browser. The WikiWithMoreThanUsers would provide the ability for processes such as CompatibleWikiSearchAgents and CompatibleWikiPageAndContentAgents? to access the PagesData? in different chunks. Initially large segments of pages (to accumulate eventually or even in one chunk, all the pages at a given InstantOfTime ) then incrementally in chunks representing the pages changed between Two Instants of Time. The Agents could then perform whatever searches and content analysis and classification as deemed necessary for entity (be it something like a WikiGoogleClone or another wiki or ConfederationOfWikis, or even an ambitious user or user's group). The WikiWithMoreThanUsers would add to its processing tasks whatever classifying, analyzing and indexing tasks as it would deem its users might find useful and make the results available as menu button or selection items in addition to the familiar edit, find page, and save options available on present wikis. This WikiWithMoreThanUsers would be a AutomatedIntelligenceWiki, with the server performing some Instantaneous as well as TimedAndScheduled? Processes.

As an AutomatedIntelligenceWiki it might include some or all of these: -- DonaldNoyes

Use with: WikiWithMoreThanPages, NextGenerationWiki, KeepingTrackByArtifactories


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