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The use of the grouping of words as a WikiWordPhrase can be a powerful feature, perhaps the most significant contribution that the WikiRevolution? has introduced. It seems only natural that modifications in the methodology of the groupings, include not only the casing, but the use of special characters to multiply the expression power available Innovation should be encouraged in the application of this new grammar. It is a method of definition and association. Let your creative imagination respond! -- MarkRogers

 interWikiLink   adaptation	-- meatBallWiki:RecentChanges
 interWikiLink   adaptation	-- useModWiki:SubPages
 intraWikiLink   adaptation	-- myIntranet:RecentChanges
 localWikiLink   adaptation	-- myLocalLink:newPageName
 anyPathedWiki   adaptation	-- *:pageNameSought
 pagesContaining adaptation	-- *:?pages[words sought]
 codeRecovery    adaptation	-- ~:!InitLinkPatterns?  (a sub in UseModWiki)

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