Wikic Web

The WikicWeb is a CeeLanguage version of WikiWikiWeb. I recoded the entire program in C because that is the language I am most familiar with. The WikicWeb was designed for the Patterns Home Page at (BrokenLink 20070524) to create a place where people can tell stories about patterns (The official name is currently the Pattern Stories Web).

I love the idea of having a public Web site where everyone can get involved in editing. However, the first time I was introduced to the WikiWikiWeb here, there were a few features that seemed confusing or restricting. It was my goal to eliminate as many restrictions as possible. This may create a problem since some people will want to be a little too creative and make their pages look a lot different from a normal page. I assume people can exercise self control in this regard.

Some of the key differences are: -- Eric Huss

Eric graduated, and nobody was maintaining it, so we moved the content to WikiWorks under as (BrokenLink 20070524). I'm not even sure where the source is. -- RalphJohnson

I really would like to know where to find WikicWeb. Can you tell us more? Or at least give a link?

See PatternStoriesWiki

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