Wireless Is The Successor Of Floppy

I think a WireLess? technology (WiFi, BlueTooth or thing like that) will be the successor of Floppy, as a common and easy way to share small files.

I disagree, UsbKeychainDrive is the successor. Unless you want to compromise and admit the two will work together?

Short-range wireless like BlueTooth has the disadvantage that both devices have to be physically near each other; if they're not, you have to use a third, mobile device as an intermediary. That's the neat thing about the floppy disk: it's small enough to carry around conveniently and cheap enough to give to someone else to copy/use later without expecting them to return it. A UsbKeychainDrive fulfils the first function, but not yet the second.
Never underestimate the bandwidth of a motorcycle carrying reels of magnetic tape.

Obsolete. How much data is on a magnetic tape? My Archos holds 20 GB, and doubles as a MP3 player. It fits in my shirt pocket. If I want to move a lot of data, I put it on the Archos, stick it in my pocket, ride my bike or fly on an airplane (remember to take it out before I go through security!), and take it off on the other side. Disk is so much better than tape. My iBook has wireless, but its 20 GB disk is fairly full already, so I couldn't use it to transport a 10 GB file. But my Archos has only a few GB of MP3s on it.

Wireless is cool. And files of only a few meg are handled easily that way. But it is the disk that blows away the floppy.

When will I buy a 1TB disk for $100? Maybe before the end of 2006. Certainly before the end of 2008.

[[December 9, 2007 update: An external 1 TB hard drive (with UniversalSerialBus 2.0 and/or FireWire connectivity) will run you about $320-$360 at many electronics chain stores.

Also, your generic, run of the mill UsbKeychainDrive can be obtained in 1-8 GB capacities for $10-$15 per GB.

For completeness, the prices of other media (per unit) are: So, the modern equivalent is "Never underestimate the bandwidth of someone carrying a disk in her purse." --RalphJohnson
The Internet Is The Successor Of Floppy HandHeld DownloadingFiles? ExchangingFiles?
NOTE: This entire page is a snapshot of history. Ancient history, no less. As of September '14 Micro Center is offering a 1TB USB3 external drive for $60 and a 128GB USB thumb for $45. SneakerNet is still very much alive.
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