Wireless Local Area Networks

Wireless Local Area Networks
With the appearance on the market of inexpensive wireless connection devices, a new term has arisen, the WLAN. Users are able to connect to a wireless network with distances ranging up to almost 1000' feet. This is certainly going to be an option that is attractive for small and even large businesses as well as individuals because is does away with what can be expensive wiring and rewiring costs by substituting a wireless mode.
Privacy and Security
Issues of privacy and security may be encountered if the network is not properly set up with access and user controls.
In other cases where an OpenConnectivity is desired, the controls might be somewhat less restrictive and may reside in the host machines interconnection to wired local intranets and internets.
Role of Wiki
Developments include the WikiWorld with at least two enterprises, and SeattleWireless, KcWireless and ConsumeDotNet who have embraced the wiki as a method of communication for the setting up, listing of nodes, and other user-centric information needs.

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