Words That Define

At times, I am at a loss to find WordsThatDefine a concept. In some ways it is not dissimilar to naming a new pattern for programming practices. I can get obsessed in that undertaking. Other people I talk to are quite empathetic about that urge as well.

I chose this page name without "a concept" subfix as I support LinksAreContent, and there can be wider applications for linking this page. For example, someone can be looking for "WordsThatDefineaGeneration that ....", and LostGeneration can be that word that coined an aspect of the prevailing behavior of these people.

Another example, the MentalStateCalledFlow is an excellent page name for a pattern on productivity. And the person who coined this term did us a big favor. We can quickly establish the accepted boundaries for that term, then move on to searching for opportunities to create/maintain the MentalStateCalledFlow situation.

LetEveryWordTell, that's the spirit of the search for WordsThatDefine.

Help Wanted

At this moment, as a student in ChangeManagement, I am seeking the WordsThatDefine the concept of: I find in my experiences mid and senior management are often very careful about their turf, at the expense of the organization they are charged to manage (an AgencyProblem).

But from time to time, due to reasons unknown, people who are unlikely to work together seem to have collaboration that left others wonder in awe. They have a SharedUrgency.

So what are the WordsThatDefine this "infrequent" moments of generosity towards others, against self-interests at times?

I can understand the urge to find a fitting word (especially on wiki, see WikiWordsAreConcepts and ArchitectingWord). After all NameAndConquer.

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Ehh... what's the word for ..... (fill in your description)

A fun way to resolve this is to visit Wordnet (http://www.cogsci.princeton.edu/cgi-bin/webwn (BrokenLink 20110920)) and type in a similar word. Then click on Search, then click on the "S" in front of the definition, and then click on "full hyponym". If that doesn't get you headed in the right direction then nothing will ...

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