Worm Hole

A WormHole is a phenomenon predicted by GeneralRelativity, whereby two BlackHoles are connected to each other, creating a portal through SpaceTime that could conceivably allow transportation of information or materials across vast distances of space faster that the speed of light. It is thought that a BlackHole creates a severe warp whereby SpaceTime is stretched and even torn. If ExoticMatter could be used to create AntiGravity to hold the WormHole open, it is theoretically possible that one could send information or material through the WormHole.

By accelerating one of the BlackHoles to near the SpeedOfLight, thus pushing it forward in time, it is theoretically possible to create a time differential between the two BlackHoles. This type of WormHole might allow TimeTravelers to send themselves or information, both forward and backward, through time.

See also TimeTravel, TimeTravelThoughtExperiment, QuantumPhysics, QuantumMechanics, GeneralRelativity, BigBang


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