Xp Immersion Training

XpImmersionOne : KentBeck, MartinFowler, RobertCecilMartin, and RonJeffries taught a five day XP lecture and workshop in Chicago the week of December 6th, 1999. It was an absolute blast.

XpImmersionTwo : KentBeck, MartinFowler, RobertCecilMartin, RonJeffries, WardCunningham taught a five day Xp lecture and worksop in Santa Cruz the week of February 28th 2000. Incredible.

XpImmersionThree : KentBeck, RobertCecilMartin, RonJeffries, with guest speaker TomDeMarco was held May 8-12, 2000 in New York. How can it get any better?

XpImmersionFour: KentBeck, RobertCecilMartin, and RonJeffries. September 11-15, 2000 Chicago, IL.

XpImmersionFive: KentBeck, RobertCecilMartin, and RonJeffries. December 2000, Santa Cruz,CA

XpImmersionSix: KentBeck, RobertCecilMartin, and RonJeffries. February 19-23, 2001, Chicago, IL.

XpImmersionSeven: KentBeck, RobertCecilMartin, and RonJeffries. June 4-8, 2001, Chicago, IL.

XpImmersionEight: KentBeck, RobertCecilMartin, and RonJeffries(?) September 10-14, 2001. Chicago, IL. (Last Immersion. 9-11. Bubble burst.)

Want to read some feedback? Check out XpImmersionTrainingComments [May 2001]


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