Xp Ireland

XPIreland is alive and flourishing. There are currently 3 forums for getting in contact with the Irish XP community listed below.

This is a quarterly meeting organized by eXoftware. We organize specialist speakers on various XP topics. We had our inaugural meeting May 16th at IONA Technologies Headquarters. It was a tremendous success with over 90 attendees. See http://web.archive.org/web/20010803090853/http://www.exoftware.com/xpsig.htm for more details. The slides are available at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xpsig/files/XPSIG/. We plan on holding our next XPSIG in September.

Last Tuesday Club
This is a casual get together the last Tuesday of each month and takes its inspiration from the XTC of LondonXpUsersGroup. It provides an informal forum for people to meet and share their experience, ask their questions, or bitch about work etc. Occasionally, we will have specialist nights if somebody has something specific to offer e.g. a tool report, an experience report, etc.

The second 'Last Tuesday Club' will be held this coming Tuesday, July 1st, again in Hourican's Pub on Lower Leeson Street starting at 6.00pm. Again as an added incentive the first drink for all attendees is on me.

Discussion Group
There is also the beginnings of a Yahoo Group for XpIreland located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xpsig. This is fairly quite right now but I make regular postings of significant XP articles, books, etc.

-- SeanHanly


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