Xp Version Control Roadmap

This page will soon be a useful RoadMap to using VersionControl with ExtremeProgramming.

Right now, it's just a semi-ordered list of version-control-related pages. Feel free to add value.

Starting points:

ExtremeVersionControl / ExtremeVersionControlDiscussion
description of using VersionControl with XP
covers using CVS and why ContinuousIntegration won't kill you


MarcGirod added a family of pages on the general subject of SCM:

There are some good practices you can apply to version control. Some work well with XP, others are rendered superfluous by it (e.g. ReviewBeforeCheckin), others are probably incompatible. Similarly there are some XP practices and recommendations that appear at odds with the conventional wisdom of version control.

There are a lot of version control packages out there:

Most of this list was gleaned from the discussion at ClearCaseComparedToCompetition; it provides some information about how they stack up against each other (and should probably be renamed to indicate its broader scope).

[I just completed a search of page titles for each of the above, and found nothing new. Please do a title search when you add new entries.]

There are some VersionControlProjects? : I'm spending some of my spare time on listing UserStories for an XP-friendly VersionControl system. -- LaurentBossavit

Here are all the other version-control-related pages I could find:

ThankYou for starting this page.

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