Zeroth Church Of Alonzo

A pun on the name of the inventor of the LambdaCalculus, AlonzoChurch.

The fellowship of enlightened men who believe that awareness is primordial and co-emergent with space.

We deny strong AI mythology.
Q: That doesn't seem enlightened so much as circular. Try beginning with a simpler concept - say, representation a la LeibnizianDefinitionOfConsciousness.
A: Refactoring, please allow this change to stand.

A theory of language as essentially representative excludes an enormous amount of discourse. Much of life most dear to us, including beauty, philosophy, and moral worth, has nothing to do with representation. -- IanHacking?, Historical Ontology, ISBN 0-674-01607-6 , page 218.

Thank you, Ward, for having this shortening stand. I"d paid a certain cost to the LĂ©viathan; a pound of flesh. After numinous requests, I have reposted a representation of the original ZerothChurchOfAlonzo at As that page was created here, if anyone wants their name or entry removed from the hysterical page, please contact me at paultaney ta
See also the ChurchOfTheLeastFixedPoint (cf. the GNU paradox.) Apparently I need more _Subversion Control_ ISBN 0-13-1855182


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