Zzo Wiki

ZzoWiki *was* a WikiWeb program that uses PHP and does not use database created by vallab. http://zzo38computer.cjb.net/wiki/

You need to fix your spelling. I was going to do it for you, but I examined your site, and you really need to take responsibility. Maybe you're just playing a joke. Actually, this is not a joke. [I've fixed some of the spelling errors - please fix similarly in your initial page, and use a dictionary!] OK now I fixed the initial page. [It looks the same to me - for example, the first line is "Enybudy can edit the pages uv this wikiweb, you just hav to ad a doler-sine to the end uv the URL.", which contains seven spelling errors.] I just changed the links to point to the new file-names and deleted the old file-names. For more requests, go to http://zzo38computer.cjb.net/wiki/WikiRequests


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