Recent Changes and Additions

See also Recent Changes for Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.
and Recent Changes in the People, Projects & Patterns database.

Jun 4, 1996
Added a photo of Bobby Woolf and cribbed the rest of a bio from his wiki wiki page.
May 21, 1996
Added Bobby Woolf's PLoP I submission, Understanding and Using ValueModels.
May 17, 1996
Added Acrobat PDF for Martin Fowler's patterns for Recurring Events.
Apr 6, 1996
Added ENVY/Developer patterns by Bobby Woolf.
Mar 29, 1996
Added a Persistence Pattern by Wolfgang Keller.
Nov 30, 1995
We have revised PostScript for Paul McKenney's patterns for Syncronization on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors.
Sep 4, 1995
Added postscript for EPISODES, a recent PLoP submission by Ward Cunningham.
Apr 7, 1995
Finally got a BIO for Norm Kerth. He promises an even better one when he's not quite so busy.
Apr 5, 1995
Added a new pattern language by Paul McKenney about Syncronization on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors.
Apr 3, 1995
We have a new logo. Titled Paths of Change, this original work was executed in rubber stamp, an appropriate medium for a pattern repository.
Mar 25, 1995
Opened the new People, Projects & Patterns section of the repository.
Mar 10, 1995
Added an interactive survey form that collects opinions and, at the same time, tallies recent replies. Added a new installment of Kent's Best Practice patterns; this one on User Interface. And, finally, inserted the diagrams into Steve's Star-Schema pattern language.
Feb 17, 1995
Added a program to tally the Top-Ten files served.
Feb 16, 1995
Added the PLoP '95 Call for Papers.
Feb 14, 1995
Completed the About Patterns and Pattern Languages page.
Jan 29, 1995
Added the paper What is Architectural Software Development? by Larry Best of American Management Systems, Inc.
Jan 28, 1995
Revised Early Development best practice to include remaining patterns.
Jan 19, 1995
Added the first two patterns for Kent's Early Development best practice.
Jan 19, 1995
Corrected a metacharacter handling defect in the text to html translator. Some web browsers had trouble displaying unescaped < in Kent's Code Formatting examples.
Jan 17, 1995
Norm Kerth clarifies his use of Work Packets in the first letter of our new letters section.
Jan 17, 1995
Added another installment of Kent's Best Practice patterns. This one is about Code Formatting.
Jan 16, 1995
Revised the submission guidelines to include a sample text file and its translated output.
Jan 5, 1995
Spruced up much of PPR now that we have visitors.
Added a new pattern language by Kent Beck called Temporary Variables.