Air Morse

Morse as Initiation

If Amateur Radio is a fraternity, Morse Code is it's initiation. The introduction of the code-free licence class shows that the Federal Communications Commission is unwilling to enforce that initiation on behalf of our community. To avoid a splintering of our ranks we must redouble our efforts to teach morse code. And our focus must be the code-free hams on VHF.

VHF Code Practice Broadcasting

We will assume that the code-free ham has no initial interest in learning the code. We also assume that he or she already operates on VHF using a synthisized FM radio and would like to make more use of it. Our solution: make learning the code be a social operating activity much like learning code has always been a social club activity. Air Morse is a computer based broadcast control system especially designed to offer such an activity. It supports:

Affiliate Agreement

We has some simple terms that have to do with sensible use and distribution of the software. If you agree with these terms you may download the software here:

Other VHF Broadcasters

Ward Cunningham, Draft May 10, 1996